Hey! So happy to have your attention!

I’ve been wondering what the heck I could do with photography to help make a difference and I finally found it. A few of you tagged me in the idea originated by photographer Cara Soulia called #TheFrontStepsProject. The basic idea is to have your portrait taken outside of your home to document this time. But we keep our distance, we play it super safe. And we have a great picture and experience of it to walk away with.

Think of it – we’ve been social distancing for a decent time now. Whether it’s with your entire family, your spouse, your pets, we are now following a completely different timeline of events. Let’s shake it up. Get you dressed – or not! Put some makeup on – or not! But let’s have a little fun, share a smile or two and maybe some giggles. Because when our spirits are lifted, magic happens.

Here’s the plan.

If you are interested, we will set up a time for me to drive by your home. Bring yourself and whoever else, if anyone, to the front steps/porch/door. I’ll keep my distance by either staying in my car or right by it – I have lenses to accommodate the space between us. I hang out for about 5min and shoot away.

All I ask in return is to make a donation to United Way of Southeastern CT for my CT sessions via my GoFundMe page. Or to Long Island Cares for my NY sessions via my other GoFundMe page. Every penny will help!!! Whatever you can.

You’ll receive a choice of 1 digital download that will be emailed over to you. With permission, I will be sharing these portraits on my Instagram and FB pages to help raise what I can using the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject. I am super excited for this and look forward to capturing you!

Interested? Please email satinskyphoto@gmail.com. 🙂

Special thank you to Carla Soulia Photography for starting this beautiful project. It is truly a light in this crazy time.

  1. Denise Collard says:

    Hello – we live inNorth Stonington onPinecrest Road and would
    Like to be involved in the drive by photo shoot. Please let me know a good time on Thursday!!

    Thanks so much,

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