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Crystals and stones have taken up little nooks in our new home since moving in. I started my little collection before we moved, when I started diving more into Goddess circles at Knead & Seed and learning more about astrology and all things manifestation, etc. Some are into them, some are not. Either way these little pieces of beauty personally give me a little extra life and I love them and their meanings.

Visitors have asked me questions about them so it made me think of this blog post and how I can share more info, if interested!

If you live in Sag Harbor and the surrounding areas, you might have already stepped into this magical store called Blooming Shells.

Sidenote:  If you live on the CT side of the sound, I can direct you on places I’ve purchased in store).  For online purchasing, I’ve always love The Grateful Gemhead – also based in Long Island.  She hosts auctions on her Instagram page as well that are always fun to check in to.

But getting back to Blooming Shells in Sag Harbor!  They carry not only crystals and stones for your needs but an array of shells, clothing, tarot cards, home decor, etc.


And if you’ve visited, you probably had the pleasure of chatting with Sam, also a fab yoga instructor, who’s knowledge of these magical objects astounds me.


So of course I asked her to be a guest on the blog and share some special pieces specifically for your baby’s nursery.  She immediately thought of three popular ones, some you may already be familiar with, that can easily be found.


Here is what she has to say about each!

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Selenite are all powerful healers. They’re perfect for new Mothers yet gentle enough to go in baby’s nursery.
 Amethyst (purple) is wonderful for emotional healing and balancing.  It eases anxiety and depression and soothes an over active mind – making this a great stone to help encourage sleep (for both Mom and baby!).  Amethyst is also a very spiritual stone and encourages the user to trust their intuition.

Rose Quartz (pink) is the stone of unconditional love and compassion.  It’s a really supportive stone for new mothers as they learn to care for both their new baby and reminds them that they’re worthy of care too.  Rose Quartz is also a stone of beauty and encourages the user to find the beauty in themselves and in their life (think rose colored glasses!).

Selenite (white) is a powerful physical healer and energy purifier.  It works to clear the energy of a space and keep energy flowing in a gentle way.  It’s also a calming, soothing stone that encourages deep rest and ease.  Associated with the glow of the moon, Selenite is especially soothing for those middle of the night feedings and wake ups with little ones. 

Thank you so much, Sam!!!


If you haven’t already, go stop by Blooming Shells in Sag Harbor on Washington Street in the Village. Not only will you find what you are looking for from in this blog but their knowledge and peace and calm will make you want to stay a little bit longer each time.

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