Why Family Films?


Photography introduced, to me, a way to freeze a moment in time – specifically the in between moments I love so much.  Especially with children, I’ve always felt drawn to bottling a moment of time – an age, a location, relationships – so clients (and my own family) could go back and recreate the memory easily.  Then video pushed that a step further.

Growing up, my Grandfather would take out his clunky camcorder, set it up on a tripod and record a good chunk of time of what was going on.  Many video tapes that I remember include me performing, playing, pretending. All while he and my Grandmother interacted and cooked and chatted.  Other family members, if around, would do the same. Of course at that age, I loved re-watching the videos right away. But it never occurred to me how much emotion could come from watching those clips today.  Hearing voices I don’t get to hear now. Or the sound of my young voice. Or even remembering a certain smell just from watching the cooking in the kitchen.


Today, I wanted to bring back that same emotion for others.  I just didn’t know how. To me, video was used for commercial or wedding photographers.  How could I introduce this to families? I fell upon a talented photographer all the way in New Zealand and a course she offered online.  Every family film she shares in the course and on her website, I cry over. It’s a mixture of finding this outlet at the right time on top of the films being so beautifully crafted.  I don’t even know the families in her work. I don’t have to.

We are all trucking through this life with plans and schedules and lists and running around.  All while randomly recording and capturing moments with our phones and sometimes a camera. We are happy, excited and frustrated and overwhelmed and stressed AF.  Juggling the newest self care regime all while conducting a household – no matter the size – making sure everyone survives and is in one piece.


While time is flying, our kids are changing.  WE are changing. We as parents don’t feel the need to be in front of the camera for so many reasons.  Do me a favor and take a moment to consider how your kids as adults will feel when they have all of these photos of them and maybe Dad (or Mom depending on the photographer of the family)…and not many with you.  

Satin Sky Films was created from a place in my heart that can not let go of those childhood videos I have from my youth.  The ones of my Grandmother who we lost at a young age who helped raise me with my Mom. The VHS tapes that make us laugh with the jokes, the performances and even what was in fashion back then.  And more importantly listening to the voices and witnessing how much we loved and were loved.

I want your family to have that too.

Check out one of my favorite Family Films below!

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