Satin Sky Moms | Winter Cooking and Activities So We Don’t Lose Our Mind

In the next few months, I am looking to share some knowledge on things I love and care about.  I am no expert on, well, mostly anything so I’m calling in the troops! That’s you 😉

Last week I asked you a few questions on what winter activities you love with your kids and kid friendly recipes they can help with.  Both could seriously help with upcoming cabin fever.

This is the time to get this out since, as I write this, we are expecting 3-5+ inches of snow.  Here’s what we are up to. And if you’d like to fast forward to the rest of the suggestions, just scroll down!

I am probably the last to follow and actually use some of her suggestions but do you know @busytoddler on Instagram? Awhile ago, many of you suggested following her and I did. But never came around to it until our little man was a bit older. Not only are her activity suggestions fun, I just love her attitude and love for helping other Mama’s with steps like potty training and switching to toddler bed.

Anyway! Two things that caught my attention for today are:

Painting trash (click here) and Shape Match (click here).


I’ll be creating another post on this but for about a year now, we’ve been trying our best to be environmentally friendly. It’s taken me a long time to work on this but I believe better late than never. Also – if you are like me at all and find it overwhelming to make some drastic changes (or what feels to be drastic), just remember – even one full day of shopping with reusable bags goes a long way. Need some inspo? My friend Diana created a video on IGTV with some awesome ideas. Click here and go to her IGTV acct.  She lives on the other side of the world now but she still cute.  ;D

Anyway! We received a package that unfortunately packed with bubble wrap. To make use of it for now, I saved it for the the Painting Trash idea linked above.

And not shown in the pic, I’ll create the Shape Match game for after nap time (have to stretch out these activities). In all honesty, we haven’t worked much on shapes and whatever else most parents might be doing with their 2+ year olds. Just yesterday we played a matching game and he did it on his own, only making one or two mistakes. Go, mister man! So now we can go ahead match the bleep out of everything.  🙂

As for baking, we usually go for this one recipe in particular from our friend @asideofsprinkles.   Her recipes are simple (my kind of cooking), kid friendly, healthy and delicious!  This recipe is one of her OG’s of when she started her ‘gram (and I’m so happy she created the account). Instead of nuts, we add chocolate chips – Liam’s favorite. For every step, he suggests we add the chocolate chips in case I would forget.  Because…I would of course forget something like CHOCOLATE CHIPS…?!


Finally, now for YOUR suggestions!!  Skipping over the repeats, of course, here is what you Mama’s love to do with the kids to avoid the cabin fever.

Lay in bed and watch movies we watched as kids.  Sandlot, Gremlins, Aladdin, etc!
Board games
Playing tag
See a movie
Scavenger hunt
Obstacle course with Amazon boxes
Bubble baths
Jam out to music!
Fort building
Trampoline Park
Roll paper on bathroom floor, put paint on plate and dip cars in it to make tire tracks.
Rewatch Little Mermaid
Play dress up

Here are the cooking and baking favs.  Maybe there is enough time to grab something at the supermarket if you see something of interest!  Again, a ton of repeats so here are the favs.

Monster cookies
Pasta – all kinds!
Sugar cookies to use the rolling pin specifically
Homemade pizza
Chocolate chip banana bread

Now – let’s head into these cold, indoor days with confidence, Mama’s.  Let’s face the “school is closed” or just can’t get the heck out days with a PLAN.  We got this.

Also, wine o’clock is sometime soon, right?  Cheers for me.  xoxo

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