To and From CT/Hamptons

Describing the geography of CT to anyone in NY is breaking it down into two parts and two parts only.  The chunk around the shoreline from Greenwich to Stamford. Or “around Mystic”. Luckily, the food and beverage scene is making the stretch up and around the state (and I’m thrilled about it bc – it’s about freaking time).  Of course New Haven has plenty to talk about (equal parts Yale and Ikea). But besides that, I’ve come to terms with always responding “I live about 15-25min from Mystic, depending on who is driving” when someone asks.

We moved the last day of February of this year after months of hemming and hawing over the decision to cross the sound.  Plenty of wine was consumed over the pro’s and con’s lists and dreaming of what could and would be if we stayed or left Sag Harbor.  Keeping this business going where it was born and sort of flourished for the most part, well, that had to happen.  But how? How would planning sessions around this long, unique commute work?

2018-10-22_0003.jpgOrient Point, NY

Now, for those of you on the CT side and/or just don’t understand the shape of the end of LI at all – it’s basically shaped like the tail of a fish.  The bottom making up the South Fork and the top, you guessed it, the North Fork. Smack in the middle is a cute little island called Shelter Island. So if you think of it, I’m traveling from “around Mystic” aka New London to the North Fork.  We then have to hop on over to Shelter Island. And another hop to the South Fork. Confusing? Probably. The bottom line? It’s a long fucking trip. Three ferries. Lots of money. But you know what? It’s still the best. Who else gets to work on their laptops on a boat for a good chunk of time (if riding solo sans toddler)?  PS: Speaking of – Cross Sound Ferry, you’ve made the loveliest of changes to some of your boats. Now how about some WiFi for. crying. out. loud. ?

The new commute from CT to the Hamptons has and has not been what I expected.  Scheduling around the weather hasn’t been the easy. Almost missing the last ferry from Orient to CT at night is most definitely been far far FAR from the easiest.  But the pros still outweigh the issues that can always be ironed out somehow.

There you have it, folks!  After moving I decided not to share too many details on where I lived because I thought it would take away from the sparkly Hamptons location.  However, authenticity wins.  And to me, it’s pretty cool to experience both sides of the sound. The South Fork will always be home even if I’m not a local.  As for you, CT – I can’t wait to get even cozier with you. Thank you both for having me.


Orient Point Lighthouse

You know it’s almost time to go to your car on the boat when you go around this lighthouse.  

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