October’s 2-Week Photo Challenge!

Hello and welcome to the first Satin Sky daily photo challenge!

It’s the start of my favorite time of the year and with a difficult end to the summer, I wanted to pick things up a bit and have a little fun.  I have a lot of Mom’s specifically who ask photography questions like how can they get better at taking photos. My number one response is to just keep taking photos.  There’s plenty of tutorials and reading and studying you can do but in the meantime – take ALL the photos!

Once you begin to take all the photos and get annoyed by all that you have to go through and delete, hopefully then you’ll begin to really think about what you are trying to capture.  🙂
On the other hand, it can be super helpful to have a goal in mind.  You know, besides the kids or friends or selfies. But where to start?

Below I have a list of daily nudges to guide you towards capturing a specific shot.  All you have to do is 3 simple things.

1. Capture the theme of the day how you want and edit if you’d like.
2. Post to instagram or instagram stories.
3. Make sure you add the hashtag #ssp_dailyphotos so I can see them!!!  Optional: tag @satinskyphoto, too!

I’ll be sharing some on my stories (with your permission of course).  And hey, if you miss a day or ten, totally fine. This is a zero pressure, super casual and meant to be FUN.

If you have any questions, drop me a line!

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