Sag Harbor, NY Lifestyle Photographer | Pancakes

She shared how she wanted a family session but didn’t quite want my typical session. Candids are great but for her and her family, the only way to do it was to sit in on something they loved to do and capture that. For the most part, she thought, it would be fun yet productive. But what to do?

When we finally got around to scheduling our time together, it just so happened to fall around morning time on a weekend. So why not…pancakes?

To say I’m thrilled with the experience of this session and the outcome is an understatement. We know my love for just one subject to shoot doesn’t exist. You see my categories list above extend more than the imaginary rulebook as a photographer allows. However, I may have found a winner. A true lifestyle session makes for not only amazing pictures but such an experience for both myself and the family. Plus, another memory to giggle about.

Make sure to watch the video at the end! It is a part of the #satinskysnippets I share on my Instagram account. These quick snippets from sessions are made to make you smile. Because we always need a reason to.

Thank you all so much for having me. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂


  1. Lisa Koehne says:

    This is my beautiful neice with her beautiful children amazing pictures

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