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I’m so excited to make this announcement.

For a while now I’ve had the desire to give back somehow. There’s been an itch to put more into the community. Because “community” means a little more to me than just my surrounding area, I didn’t know exactly where to start. But recently, ARF Hamptons was in touch to see if I could donate my time to take photos of some of their animals that needed updated pictures for adoption. Without hesitation, I scheduled my first visit and it filled my heart to the brim. It was exactly the push I needed to start this “giving back” journey.

Beginning now, every full session booked, a portion of the session fee will be donated to ARF.

My visit sealed the deal with this decision.  From meeting and working with everyone from the front desk to management and everyone in between, their hearts are in it.  And I want Satin Sky to be a part of it too.

Going back to what the word “community” means to me.  Because it reaches more than just locally, I will be working with more non-profits in the future.  My desire to help expands further than just around me.  For example, I grew up in the Bronx.  I was lucky enough to have had great coaches, some great teachers and a childhood that didn’t push me towards the negative.  But that’s not the case for many.

Coincidently enough, I saw this video posted on a old friend’s Facebook page just yesterday and it brought me to tears (as many of Ellen’s episode’s do).  An episode from the Ellen show shared a story about a coach from the Bronx and how he has changed the lives of his female players.  Their team is from a school where there were many fights, mostly between females and he was able to bring some sort of unity where it seemed impossible.  My heart!

I may not be geographically desirable to be a coach in the Bronx but I will find a way to figure out how to help in the very near future.  For now, my giving back journey will start with the animals of ARF.  I look forward to see how this picture taking business of mine can help beyond the camera.

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