Parents! 5 Ways to Use Instagram Albums

I can hear you now.


In a blink of an eye, before we can even get a hang of the other something new that just came out, we have something else to add to our social media plate. But I think we have something good here.

Enter, instagram albums.

As a business owner, I can see the potential from miles away. Just like instagram stories, the use of these updates are endless. But as a parent, why the face?

Before I get into it, I should probably explain what an instagram album is. Back in the day (like, last weekend), if you wanted to share multiple photos on your phone, you’d have to post one by one. Each with a separate caption and don’t even get me started on the hashtags. Ain’t no modern day parent got time for that.

With this update, it’s an easy upload.

  • Simply open the instagram app and click on the + sign you normally would to add an image to your feed.
  • Once your camera roll opens, you’ll notice the new option Select Multiple.
  • Click on it to choose up to 10 images and videos to post.
  • Add your one caption and whatever hashtags you might want to use and that’s it!

Easy peasy. How does one know if you shared an album? Small circles indicating more than one picture is available to swipe through will appear below the picture. Go ahead. Scroll through your feed now and check out other albums posted. Swipe left on their image and view what else they’ve posted to the new instagram album!


Now that we know what we are doing, here are 5 ideas parents can use to create albums!

1. Um, hello amazing vacation pictures!  NY families who are just finishing up vacationing this week, take advantage of sharing your daily adventures or a summary of what awesomeness you guys shared.  No, but really.  I want to see and envy you and your getaways!!

2. Many of you have incredible home projects – big and small – going on.  Whether it’s kid related or not…Why not post before and after pictures?  Or the process?  We all love to peek at behind the scenes.  Not to mention, get yo’ brag on!

3. Those of you who are cool enough to get your kids in the kitchen.  Show us some steps you guys are taking in the recipe.  Kids are so much cuter pouring flour into a bowl than us adults are.

4. We are in the thick of sports, plays, dance recitals.  Remember, you can share up to 10 videos too.  Mix it up.  An album of your little (or big) one’s basketball game – score.

5. Do you help out with charity events for school?  Are you trying to get volunteers for some of those events?  This is a great way to advertise and get some extra hands for help!

There are so many ways to use these albums and hopefully these few can inspire!  I just posted my first on @satinskyphoto.  Go check it out.  Liam has finally been introduced to Sophie so we did a little shoot because…why not?  I’d also love to see what you do with them so feel free to tag me in them!  Or, if you have other ideas, please add a comment below.  Would love to hear from you!

Happy Spring tease weather, friends!


  1. Patti Varma says:

    You are so creative & talented!!! I don’t even know where you came from ??

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