7 Kids Who Just Can’t Even

When I chat with parents prior to booking family sessions, almost every Mom and Dad say the same thing. “I don’t think my kids will last too long for the session, just to warn you.” Or “I bet I’m the only parent who bribes their child with this.” Or “I’m so sorry, they never napped today. That never happens!”.

I get it.

I am team Parents Who Just Want This to Work. You aren’t alone! And the good news: IT’S OKAY. I am here to tell you it’s my job to run with it, it’s always a challenge and I love it. When you think about it, it is slightly¬†daunting for the child. A stranger (although really nice one ūüėČ ) arrives with this strange equipment and would like them to smile and giggle and be super friendly on the spot? Again, I get it.

When a little one just can’t even anymore, we take lemons and make lemonade. Here are 7 kids who were over the session but we got gold anyway by just letting them do their own thing!

1. ¬†He wanted to go back to the car but there was this one strip of sand that was perfect for a shot like this. ¬†So we challenged him to a solo race right before leaving. ¬†It’s still one of my favorite images from a session.


2. ¬†Okay, so you can clearly see how he can’t even with this session. ¬†But I still adore this image to pieces. ¬†That lip and how he is holding on to Dad’s legs?? ¬†My heart!!

3.  This was a first for me and I thought it was a great idea.  The Mom made a plan to make the second half of the session in the pool.  The kids were thrilled and although the older sibling was ready to show off, this little lady still dismissed the camera.  So the next best thing?  Shoot from above and capture those kicky, excited legs and swimmies and beautiful color hair.  

4.  This lady always gives me a good workout.  She decided to roll down the ramp we were shooting on, because, why not?  The plan?  Stop her at the bottom and get her little giggles from the trip down.  Score!  

5.  He was done.  And actually, the session really was done.  No more smiles and it was snack time anyway.  But who needs smiles all the time when you have the best model pose like this?!  
2017-02-16_0002.jpg6.  We had an incredible maternity session for Mom with her alongside and halfway through, she was done.  So done she decided to walk away.  G O L D.  
2017-02-16_0004.jpg7. ¬†And why should we have a photo session when there are ALL OF THESE LEAVES EVERYWHERE TO PLAY WITH AND HUG AND THROW IN THE AIR?! ¬†ūüėČ

So if you’re reading this and were hesitant to book a session, I hope this helped ease some worries! ¬†We always try to have a good time and make it comfortable and get you the images you always dreamed of. ¬†It’s a major part of why I do what I do.

Have questions about a session?  Drop me a line!  Spring is filling up and I want you to get your spot!

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