Intimate Sessions: Taking Time For YOU

You’re busy.
We’re all busy.

With work, kids, relationships, food shopping, bill paying, social media’ing, etc.
Well take some damn time for yourself!

It’s never been a more important time than for a little self love.  I’m not talking just a mani/pedi.  Let’s talk about investing in a moment of time that celebrates YOU.  You.  You who wakes up every day, brews the coffee or tea, gets ready for the day.  Kicks ass at conquering the day, no matter how tough it is.  Taking care of others, taking care of your boss.  Or if you are your boss, taking care of your clients and customers and those who keep you in business.  This is for you.

Read on.

You’re probably wondering why I call it an intimate portrait session and not a boudoir session.  Well, as a photographer of these sessions, I want my client to know that it’s more than what they think “boudoir” is.  Let’s face it, boudoir has been given a bit of a rough name up until recently.  It’s easier to immediately  think of seriously intense lingerie pieces, props, sky high stiletto heels.  The truth is, it’s not to me or to my clients.  And honestly, less is more.  The goal:  Peel back the extra distracting details and focus on YOU.  (see the theme here?)

And because… Who run the world?

Recently I spoke with a close friend, a creative genius, on how to go about this.  How to create a unique experience.  How to make this “boudoir” thing different, for good.  We got down to the bare bones of it and I simply cannot wait to share these new packages.  Location, makeup, bubbly, scented candles…YAAASSS!

Stay tuned.  I’ll be emailing, facebook’ing, ig’ing, smoke signaling the excitement soon.  So soon.

And now…I’ll end here with some of my favorite images of the last year or so.


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