Becoming a Parent. Introducing Baby Satin Sky!

Today, #tedsbabybear turns 3 months old! In case you are new around here, my husband Ted and I welcomed our first little love on October 25th and he is just delicious. After waiting what felt like forever, I still can’t believe he is here. All ten fingers, ten toes and chunky thighs, he is all that we hoped for and so much more!

A question I get quite often is whether or not I will be going back to work and if so, when?
Well, I did end up working with a small handful of clients last minute for the holidays and I have to say – it was needed. A few long time clients of mine reached out to me and with the help of their flexible schedules and my husband, we made it happen. It got me out of the house at the perfect time. Right when my emotions got the best of me and a short break was seriously needed, I was able to get a camera back in my hand and do what I love.

Having our son and then working those few mini sessions soon after gave me the burst of motivation I didn’t expect. It made me take a hard look at how far I’ve come and see where I can go next. It’s been the perfect kick in the ass and I can’t wait for what 2017 holds for Satin Sky Photo.

Now..All of these business goals aside, let’s go back to this squishy little love muffin of ours.

As motivated I am to get moving, I’m really more excited to love and snuggle and just watch this peanut. Everyday is something new and exciting and obviously he is a genius because isn’t he too young to do that certain new and exciting thing? 😉

This three month old has brought more joy to our lives the last 13+ weeks than we ever thought possible. How being a parent can already be so challenging yet so rewarding blows my mind. Nothing can prepare you for this and it’s scary as hell but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

He is everything.


Oh yea, I have a few pictures of him. Just a few.  Here are some I haven’t shared yet from the last 13 weeks.  As you can tell, not even a photographer can always get the perfect shot.  But it’s still so important to capture what I can while I can!  I know soon enough he’ll be swatting the camera out of my hand.  Or just impossible to capture while moving around so much.  We also have a little home on Instagram.  While I created this personal account to show, well, more personal things in my life (versus the biz side)…it’s of course mostly this little guy.
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