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Living on the east end of LI, we go through the seasonal patterns of busy and quiet times. The warm summer months bring tons of visitors and out of those are extended families for little reunions. A home by the beach is rented and their long weekend is booked for beach time, restaurant time and catch up time.

Summer after summer, extended family sessions are booked in advance and sometimes last minute. These sessions may not be the core of my business but I completely understand how important they are. The grandparents only get to see their kids and grandchildren a handful of times a year, if that, because they now live across the country. Cousins see each other for the first time or again, they only get to see one another once in a blue.  We need to capture a piece of that!

These vacations deserve to be photographed. No matter how intimidating it might be to gather everyone for the session. Or coordinate outfits and make a huge group of kids sit still. It’s still always, always a great idea.

This family in particular, gathered at their parents summer home in Amagansett. While we could’ve made the walk to the beach, I thought their home made it that much more personal, if not, just more comfortable.  I hope I don’t only speak for myself when I say – this session was a memorable one!

I never share these larger sessions and it’s about time I introduce the experience with you. This group is definitely the perfect one to start with. Interested in having a session during your vacation this year? Drop me a line! 2017 now includes a new Extended Family pricing option.

Thank you all for having me! Hope you are still enjoying these images!


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