5 Fav Locations for Winter Sessions in the Hamptons

During the warmer months, the Hamptons is the bomb dot com for photo sessions.  

Where do you want to go?  The beach?  Uh, ya.  Elizabeth Morton preserve?  Just let me get my sneakers.  The duck pond?  Only if I can feed the ducks first.  But then there is winter.  We might have more year round residents now but it’s still pretty desolate.  Have you taken a trip to Montauk mid-February?  Ghost town.  I’m sure, now more than ever, Montauk peeps are pigs in poop during the off season but man it’s empty.  Pretty…but empty.  And I’m not saying you need an area filled with people to have sessions.  If you know me, you know I’m far from crowds.  But my point is, when there are no visitors, stores and restaurants and hotels and motels are closed and sometimes boarded up.  Then of course mother nature seems to go south as well with its leaves and green grass and warm sun.  So!  What’s a girl to do for any photo sessions during this off season?

If you asked me this four years ago when we first moved here, I’d change the subject real fast.

Winter photo sessions…whaaat…you know what’s really great?  Donuts.

Today I can now easily list 5 favorite locations out east for winter sessions.  Hence, the blog post.  You might think one of them is considered a cop out but honestly – no one wants to do this during the summer season and I LOVE it. (see #5)

1.  Amagansett Historial Society, Main Street, Amagansett

There are a handful of sweet, historical buildings to the left when you enter Amagansett’s Main Street of stores and restaurants.  I’m a sucker for older buildings and the east end certainly has its fair share of them.  I am also a sucker for vintage cars and trucks!  Coincidently, this little guy’s parents own and run the best auto repair shop in Sag Harbor and just so happen to have a bunch lying around.  Ya know, because they’re cool like that.  So combine historical buildings with the best vintage prop and we have a bad ass winter session.


2.  Maidstone Hotel

I’m throwing in the Maidstone here first because it’s so visually stunning.  But specifically for couples sessions, I love to hang out with my clients while they visit their favorite bar or coffee shop.  Without making it obvious to other patrons (and especially any staff), capturing the couple while in a more comfortable setting is ideal.  Not to mention, a little sip of a yummy drink can calm the nerves to be in front of the camera.

3.  Gerard Drive

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.  I love Gerard Drive in East Hampton.  One of the tough parts of finding a location during the winter is avoiding trees without leaves and brown grass…unless it’s beach grass sprinkled with trees with trunks prettier without leaves.  And that’s what tiny little nooks along Gerard Drive offers.

4.  Camp Hero State Park

If you’ve visited Camp Hero before, explanation is not needed.  And if you haven’t, you must go!  The cliffs overlooking the ocean and the Montauk Lighthouse.  The walking and biking paths.  And most definitely the abandoned buildings.  They all offer kick ass backdrops at all times of the year.  Luckily for me, snow started falling unexpectedly during this session below.  We were near the abandoned radio tower (because there’s an abandoned radio tower..) shooting when all of a sudden the prettiest, tiniest little flakes began to fall.  Oh hello, pretty picture.

5.  In your own home!

Really.  I’m not trying to cheat here.  It’s rare for it to ever be a choice of location living here so when it happens it’s unique.  And just like bringing a couple to their fav bar or coffee shop, the clients feel more comfortable therefore look more natural in front of the camera.  Granted my newborn sessions are almost always at the clients home unless it’s warm and we visit the beach.  But how could I not add this sweet little image as the example?!


And that, my friends, concludes my 5 fav spots for winter photo sessions.  As I finish this post it is snowing a whole lot outside.  So excuse me while I go make some hot chocolate, get under a comfy blanket and do all the other cliche stay-at-home-because-it’s-cold-outside things.

Now.  If you had a choice and you live on the east end, where would your dream session be?

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