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Sag Harbor, NY Family Photographer | L + R

We went on a little adventure, walking amongst squirrels racing (Sword and the Stone – style), birds checking in to see if you are

Howard Beach, NY Maternity Photographer | J

“….I am set on this and feel a connection with you.” Music to my ears.  This was her response just a few emails in at the beginning of our

Brooklyn, NY Couples Session | D + J

In just a few days, these two will be married in Sag Harbor but they decided to have their engagement session done in Brooklyn, where they

Montauk, NY Engagement Session | B + R

A couples session, engagement session to be specific, that began in East Hampton and ended in Montauk. Their vibe combined with these

Please Be Patient!

With waiting for new blog posts, that is! I’m currently working on a new brand and new website and can NOT wait to share with you all

Montauk’s Camp Hero Maternity Session : M + C

Life is quite the journey. And when you’ve gone through some ish, there’s two roads you can take. Continue on with the bumps

North Haven, NY Newborn Session : S + R

We met at her best friend’s wedding. The new mom just gave birth to this perfect nugget and the three of them captured my attention

Welcome, C! | New York, NY Newborn Photographer

Hopped into NYC to visit these two and their new baby boy addition. Their home filled with spectacular lighting and cool tones made it that

Stonybrook, NY Family Session

This handsome face was a newborn client of mine over a year ago. In October the family invited me back for another session. It’s

East Hampton, NY Couples Session : K + M

I was so happy to receive an email from Karilyn, of Karilyn Sanders Photography, asking to work together again for their 2015 session. We

L + B | West Newbury, MA Intimate Wedding Photographer

They planned their weekend in a private spot where family from around the world could be together. A full schedule of games, picnicking,

F | Babylon, NY Newborn Photographer

Newborn sessions are a pretty big deal especially for the first baby of the family.  The parents are adjusting to a new schedule, the baby

P Family | East Hampton, NY Family Photographer

Sometimes kids take a bit to open up. Sometimes they have zero interest in the camera and I have to pull all sorts of tricks to get them

Baby M | Manhasset, NY Newborn Photographer

You may remember the parents from our maternity session not too long ago (blog post here).  This was the first time shooting a session in