5 Reasons To Book a Boudoir + Astrology Experience

Our next boudoir meets astrology event is April 22nd and with just a few spaces left, I wanted to break down 5 reasons why you should make the jump!  For more details on the day, drop me a line at the bottom of the page here!  

  ONE:  Me time, me time, me time.

When we created this experience, we wanted to offer something that hit close to home.  An experience we all need and that involves a little self lovin’. How many of us actually take some time for ourselves?  In between demanding jobs, being a Mom, a wife, a friend, business owner, the boss at home and everything in between is overwhelming!  By the end of the day we are fried. Most of the time a little tv time, scrolling time or plain ol’ bed time takes place of anything needed for ME time.

Our sessions get you out of the house.  But before that, you have some phone time to chat about you.  And then some time to pick out an outfit or two for your photo session.  When you arrive to Juli’s studio in Sag Harbor, it’s just the icing on the cake.  You time is for you and you only at Knead and Seed.

TWO:  Meet Juli, talk astrology.

I’ve spoken about her plenty already but if you haven’t already met Juli of Knead and Seed, we have to change that.  Whether or not you are into astrology, understand it at all or know nothing of what we offer on that end period, she is the perfect guide to start with.  Before we started these sessions, I already loved boudoir sessions. But I knew they needed something. I couldn’t put my finger on it until she and I started brainstorming ideas of how to collaborate.  Sometimes, most of the time, it’s difficult to make the decision to book a boudoir session. You’re interested but scared. Wishing to do one but can’t make the call or send the email. It’s not easy and we both understand.  A little – or a lot – of talk about where your passion lies. Or where it’s been hiding and how to retrieve it again. Why you are reserved, why you are bold, why you are needing something like this – she can match it to your astrology chart.  A little clarity and understanding is what we all need. It’s like a little therapy session for the heart and soul.

THREE:  Get pampered.

As we all know, women need attention to all of the senses.  Light nibbles, soothing music, bubbles in a glass, laughter, the only studio location that hugs you when you walk through its doors, cozy nook to chat, a private room just for you for your intimate photo session.  It’s all for you to enjoy and take in.

FOUR:  Restorative boudoir.

These mini boudoir sessions follow heartfelt chats with Juli.  Not one intimate photo session has been the same because we are all in different places in our lives and  astrology charts. So many who booked the session planned to bring 10 pairs of high heels, corsets, sexy but confusing 14 piece lingerie.  But always ended up with going with their gut. An evening gown, a plain white t-shirt, simple lingerie with one pair of heels or just a sheet.  Requests have ranged from dancing, movement, reading books, drinking their bubbles, closing their eyes and just breathing. These are not your typical boudoir sessions.  These women put themselves back together in front of my lens. Whatever your needs and wants are for these photos, there are no rules.

FIVE:  Build and/or take back your confidence.

Going back to wearing so many hats of being a Mom, a biz owner, a friend, wife/gf, etc – we are busy serving others.  Especially when there are kids involved, it’s incredibly easy to put showers and makeup and enjoying shopping for clothes on the back burner.  This slippery slope comes back to haunt us time to time and we find ourselves feeling down and out. A little over an hour is the only time you need to carve out for our time together.  That 60+ min can help with some serious confidence boosts.


  1. Fran says:

    Nice job, and nice gallery. Congrats from Spain!

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