Ultimate Boudoir Meets Astrology Experience


I am so incredibly excited to introduce a very special collaboration with Juli of Knead and Seed here in Sag Harbor. There are boudoir sessions and then there are (now) boudoir sessions with an astrology twist. Juli of Knead and Seed will be bringing the ultimate confidence boost for women to get in front of the camera. We are thrilled to be offering a limited number of sessions happening on February 4th. It will be the powerful combination of two things: One, working with Juli to find where Venus, the planet of love, falls on your natal chart. And two, a mini boudoir session with 30 minutes in front of the camera with myself in a beautifully lit room at Juli’s studio.

Before I dive into the details below, here is a note from Juli to get clear on her message:

Valentines day can bring un-necessary anxiety and stress when the holiday (as hallmark as it may be) is really just about showing love. Love for our friends, love for our partner, and what we seem to forget about, and by goddess is the most important, love for ourselves.

My portion of this fab collab, as jenn and i are calling it, is just that. A tangible way for you to love yourself, through astrology, and the divine feminine. All of this will be set in a sacred space with the coziness of home, the crispness of the woods and the magic of the goddess. Now what does this entail. Well. We will be talking about where Venus (the planet of love) falls in your natal chart, what house, what sign, and what exactly it all means for you. We will explore how you express your love, what you may indulge in and how you can access this whenever you want! This includes a 15 minute coaching call before your mini session to align your desires for the shoot so when you arrive all you will feel is pleasure and excitement.

Think of yourself as an angelic anthropologist who has their hands on the most precious gem in the world. YOU. Armed with this tiny piece of planetary information we will choose a goddess that lives within you and summon her divine energy and spiral it outward. The end result is a new found sense of self and breathtaking pictures of your gorgeous body and soul.



So to summarize exactly what you are signing up for:


– 15 min coaching call with Juli to prep you for your studio time
– Champagne and light bites upon arrival
– In depth chat with Juli about Venus and your natal chart
– Space to meditate, sip your bubbles and relax
– 30 minute boudoir photo session
– A personal password protected photo gallery
– 10 digital downloads of your top favorites
– Special discount on print and additional download purchases, optional


The investment for this entire package is worth well over $500 but we are crazy and decided to offer these sessions for only $150!

This is something that is important to us and we want to share it as much as we can for this one day together. Drop us a line to save your spot! We seriously can’t wait to work with you.



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