Drone Art for Sale

I’m selling some of my drone pieces.

You’ve inquired, I’ve worked hard and fallen in love and I want you to, too.  This is so exciting for me, I have also decided to give a discount towards your first purchase.  To check them out, keep reading!


(Ocean Road Beach, Bridgehampton)

A handful will be very limited and I have some others at a lower price point for a quick print.  These pieces mean the world to me – more than any art shows I’ve ever participated in.  Why?  It’s simple.

Nature provides the most captivating patterns.  Waves, wet and dry sand, beach grass, the changes of blue from deep water to shallow water.  It makes my heart burst.  Just as it does when shooting families and their connections or a little ones silly or straight face.  It all gives me the same goose-pimply, butterflies in my stomach kind of feeling.  The feeling you get when you’ve created something you were meant to create.  A different type of a-ha moment.  The moment I wish I could physically hug.


(Napeague Harbor)

These prints are a physical piece of my joy, my a-ha moments.  

And…I’m so genuinely happy to maybe share these with you.  

(Northwest Creek, East Hampton)

Please read before clicking through the gallery link below.

After you arrive to the gallery, there are two categories below the main image.  Limited Mounted Prints and 8×12 Wave Prints.

The limited prints are mounted to a double weight whiteboard.  Each signed with a letter of authenticity included.  UPS ground is free in the US.

The 8×12’s are your simple print on matte paper.  Both editions are ready to be framed.

The limited start at $90 and the 8×12’s are just $25 each.

PLUS!  You’ll receive a 10% discount on your first purchase!  Just use the code AMELIA at checkout as a huge hug from me in the form of $$ off! EXPIRES 11/30.  Two words:  holiday gifts.


Click here to view the handful of prints available.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.  Have a magical week!



(Cameron Scott Beach, Southampton)

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