Top 10 Outtakes from 2016

Oh, outtakes.  How I love thee.   

When my clients are at home or at work and they receive their much awaited gallery of images from our session, I imagine their reaction to be a slow motion scene from a movie.   Spitting out the coffee they are drinking, jumping up and down for joy, strangling their kids with tighter than usual hugs, hands in the air like they just won the lotto.

No?  …too much?

Fine.  But my hope is for my clients to have a reaction that screams, “I’M SO HAPPY WE DID THIS!”.  And as they are scrolling, thinking about what to print for their walls or put on a card, they stop and they see one of these.  Cue the giggles and laughter.  Slowly they begin remember the story behind the shot and it’s officially attached to the memory of our time together.

Now we can both go back to these silly moments during our session when we are having a bad day, a good day, an in between day.  And just laugh.  Because laughter is the best medicine.

In no particular order, here are 10 moments from 2016 that still have me giggling.

10.  Like myself at the time, she was a few months pregnant.  Unlike myself at the time, she was absolutely glowing.  They say a husband can feel the same symptoms as the mother-to-be and this hubby totally had the glow too – obvi.  And obviously, he needed to share the moment.  🙂



9.  If there’s a photobomber, I am still shooting.  My first photo bomber during work happened while taking photos of a bride and groom.  Their waterfront venue was next to a row of restaurants of casual diners and a half naked man decided to walk in front of the shot.  To this day I still think it should’ve been the cover of their Thank You cards.



8.  Cake smashes.  Giving me the best outtakes since 2012.  No cake or child was hurt in the making of this image.



7.  No explanation needed.  Classic all day.



6.  The one thing about kids that I love is their absolute honesty.  When they are over it, they are over it.



5.  You know, you have this plan in your head of what you want an image to turn out to be.  And 90% of the time it is thrown so quickly out of the window you forget you even had the idea.  This is one of those times and I couldn’t be happier about it.  This fur baby wouldn’t stop singing to his mom.  And why would I ever not want that to happen?!



4.  I know exactly how you feel, girlfriend.



3.  Holiday mini went well until two strangers walked by.  Ain’t nobody got time for photoshoot interruptions.



2.  It’s all fun and games until you are left out of the group lovin’.  (she totally wasn’t, by the way).



1.   When I arrived he was all dressed up and ready for his debut in their holiday photos.  And then the camera came out…things changed.



Hope these brought a little cheer to your day.  Interested in creating your own memory with Satin Sky?

Head to the contact form and drop me a note!

Here’s to what 2017 will bring!  xo

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