Sag Harbor, NY Family Photographer | L + R

We went on a little adventure, walking amongst squirrels racing (Sword and the Stone – style), birds checking in to see if you are carrying bird seed and…very large turkeys roaming.  It was a nice change from the beach scene and the tall trees offered plenty of shade for the start of this summer heat.

These two.  Things 1 and 2, with two different goals, it seems, but still walking in the same path.  Literally.  Big brother was the leader and she followed along, doing her best to keep her balance with her new walking skills.  We stopped for pictures here and there.  She smiled and he negotiated.  We lost him a few times to patrol the turkeys, shooing them off the path.  The city girl in me (aka the chicken you know what) silently thanked him, the client a fraction of my age and half my height braver than I.

Another family I’ve captured numerous times, another I watch grow.  So far I’ve heard a books worth of jokes from him and I hope to hear more soon in the future.  Maybe next time, from her.  It is always an adventure.  Especially when turkeys are involved.


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